Welcome to Stonybrook Church

Stonybrook Church is a community of people on a shared journey of life and faith. We welcome all to see, hear, and experience the love of God and the grace that is offered through a relationship with Jesus Christ. We believe that all are created in the image of God, that all are of sacred worth, and that all are able to receive the gift of grace through Jesus’ death on the cross and resurrection. Our various backgrounds, biblical understandings, and where we stand in our individual faith journey underscore our covenant to accept, respect, and love one another. Everyone is welcome at Stonybrook Church. We welcome and celebrate the gifts God has given to all without regard to gender, race, sexual orientation, gender identity, economic or family status, ethnicity, or mental or physical ability.  We are a church that remains united in the love of God and our mission “to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.”


First time with us? We’d love to share more about our beliefs, our staff, and everything else that makes us Stonybrook.


Prayer Retreat Do you want a deeper relationship with God? Do you want to get “out of the way” so that God can work through you? Do you want to “do” prayer or “become” prayer? Do you recognize yourself as a part of God’s plan? Would you be willing to become an undercover prayer agent for Stonybrook? Would you like to learn about our prayer labyrinth and other ways of talking with God? If you want to GO DEEPER in order to transform your relationship with God, please join the Prayer Ministry Team and Pastor Lou on Saturday, October 19 for a Prayer Retreat from 9:00 am-12:00 pm. Sign up HERE.

Visited Stonybrook a few times and looking to connect? From groups, to serving, to missions, we have a spot waiting for you!

10 & under $15

10 & under $15

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